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Nevermind (180 Gram Vinyl)

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  • After reading everyone’s opinions and I have to admit some of the people that hated it brought up some rudimentary points I felt the need to comentate. A good rock album (to me) is one that can spark up heavy emotion and perspective. I’m only 15 and missed out on the grunge scene when “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was overplayed but I remember being 10 and first hearing Teen Spirit and the chord changes hooked me. Later on in life I bought the album and clocked in many hours of air guitar playing before I snapped and begged my parents to buy me a guitar. I remember being mad on several occasion and playing a rendition of “Territorial Pissings” on my guitar and screaming as loud as Kurt.”Gotta find a way, a better way” The songs in this album are excellent examples of what good music is, which is an artist putting his own twist on his influences and you can hear echoes of The Who or a hard rock Beatles (Helter Skelter) on “Come As You Are” and “Drain You” Krist Novoselic even admitted that Tenn Spirit sounded like a Pixies rip-off. And Kurt even added strings to “Something in The Way” even the hidden track “Endless Nameless” is a result of Kurt’s listening to feedback records. Kurt is not the greatest guitarist in the world but in “Endless Nameless” and later in In Utero Kurt shows his skills in noisemaking he made his guitar drone out endless amounts of feedback cacophony which to me is pure bliss. No one except for Thurston Moore can make anti-solos like Kurt could and as for the rest of the album he blended punk rock and hard rock into these 12 songs which are excellent sonic blasts and through all of the distortion and the spitfire drums are some thoughtful, cynical lyrics. “In Bloom” for example attacks the macho man who listens to their songs and dosen’t know what they mean “Come As You Are” is like a challenging invitation, to go into sociey “doused in mud” or “as I want you to be” and will be forever haunting becuse Cobain swears he dosen’t have a gun. “Polly” is about a raping in Seattle a haunting tale of how a 14 year old girl was raped by what Cobain called “a waste of sperm and eggs” However all of the songs revealed to the world how a fragile soul in all of his pain and his hidden genius turn a melody into an artform. Let all the speculation fall away becuse while boy/girl groups and shallow rap rock dominate the airwaves, I will turn to Nevermind and all of the other great rock albums as an influence for my own band and we’ll hopefully change music around as Cobain did for us 9 years ago. This is (and I know Kurt would hate the praise)the best alt-rock album of the 90’s and it will live in the hearts of Generation X’ers forever those who don’t understand it are either too old to care to young and ignorant or unfortunatly too shallow to know good music when they hear it

    Posted on January 3, 2010