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New Found Power

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  • After Pantera went their separate ways in 2001, Vinnie Paul Abbot and the late Dimebag Darrel Abbot went on to form Damageplan and this CD “New Found Power” was the first CD of the unfortunately short lived venture by the Abbot brothers. From reel to reel, this is a great album (and again, I’m not just saying that because it’s the right thing to say about Dime but SERIOUSLY, it’s great).

    Just like the rest of you, I would consider myself a Pantera purist first for several reasons. Dime was the reason I stopped playing guitar in Grunge bands and graduated to the sophisticated Metal that bands like Pantera made famous. Damageplan doesn’t follow the same stylings as Pantera but the direction of this group was still very good. This CD may not be as heavy as Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power or even Far Beyond Driven but nonetheless, the music is artistically sound and Dime and Vinnie show their technical prowess as well.

    There aren’t as many guitar solos on this but the ones that are on here are classic Dime. The bass lines are also very heavy, almost Korn like in a way on some tracks. And vocalist Pat Lachman reminds me of a younger Max Cavalera (of Sepultura and Soulfly) who can still croon like Layne Staley on some of the slower tunes. I think one mistake people make when they get this album is that they spend too much time comparing Lachman to Phil Anselmo. Well, DON’T! You’re wasting your time if you’re doing it that way. If you ask me, Lachman helps Damageplan be a little more unique.

    I highly suggest this album. It doesn’t matter if you’re the avid metal head or a newcomer or even a true Pantera fan. This is an album for all to enjoy. I’ll admit, there aren’t many metal albums that I can listen to all the way through without skipping any tracks (my list of albums like that are Slayer “Reign in Blood”, Slipknot “Slipknot”, Pantera “Vulgar Display of Power”, Anthrax “Persistence of Time”, Soulfly “Soulfly” and System of a Down “Toxicity”), I can now easily add this album to my list. Also, check out the other albums and artists I’ve listed.

    Posted on January 3, 2010