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New Found Power

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  • I bought this album hoping that the Pantera “sound” would continue, since I’m not impressed by their former vocalist’s new band (Superjoint Ritual) AT ALL. For the most part, this album didnt let me down. It is refreshing to hear that trademark “Dimebag” sound, without Phil Anselmo’s screaming all the time. Damageplan is a good transition, that shows potential. There’s enough of the “Phil” type vocals on some songs to keep the hardcore Pantera fans happy, though this new vocalist suprised me, in that he can actually sing (some would argue Phil could at one time too, and I don’t dispute that.) Overall, I enjoyed NFP, and think it shows this band has great potential to produce an album on the greatness scale of “Vulgar Display of Power” in the future, which I’m looking forward to. Keep up the good work, Dime and Vinnie!

    Posted on January 3, 2010