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New Found Power

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  • When i first heard that Pantera broke up i was down right upset, they were the greatest most unique band of the metal genre and each one of the members made that band special in their own way. Come 2003 Phil makes the decision to take a break from Pantera to persue “HIS” band Superjoint Ritual. Leaving Dime and Vinnie in the dust for two years! He wouldnt even return their calls when questioned to make another Pantera record. Obviously Phil’s ego got the best of him, well that or the heroin. Trying to put the tragic end of their band from day one behind them they get Pat Lachman on vocals and Bob Zilla on bass and form Damageplan. The debut “New Found Power” came out in February to mixed reviews. When i first bought it i was expecting really angry, hardcore, pissed off metal. Kind of along the lines of “Southern Trendkill”. But to my surprise it actually sounded nothing like Pantera, which at first i was a little dissappointed but the more i listened to the hardcore riffs and solos by Dimebag and the hard hitting double bass of Vinnie Paul, i realized that this is one of the best metal albums in the last four years. Each song musically and lyrically are amazing. Every song is excellent from beginning to end, “Breathing New Life”-”New Found Power”-”F*** You”-”Reborn”-”Explode”-”Crawl”-”Blunt Force Trauma”-”Moment Of Truth”-and “Soul Bleed” are my personal favorites. Sadly nobody could have known that this would be Dimebag’s last album. As every fan should know now he was tragically murdered on stage in a small night club in Ohio on Dec.8th. Only about 10 months after the release of their groundbreaking new album. I never knew Dimebag Darrell but from hearing his music and watching the home videos i realized how down to earth and how extremely talented he was. His music will forever be a part of me. If your a fan of Pantera or not buy this album and get with the plan. ROCK IN PEACE DIME!!!!

    Posted on January 3, 2010