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  • This was the first Bon Jovi I got to hear when I bought it in Feb. of 1989. It still is a solid rock album all throughout, rockers and their familiar power ballads. I didn’t think that they would top Slippery When Wet, but this album is just as entertaining as well as rocking. Blood on Blood is very Springsteen-ish, kind of like Born To Run, but very well done. The opening song makes you feel like you’re in a concert, in a stadium of over 50,000 people screaming, with Lay Your Hands on Me! I still love Bad Medicine and Tico Torres’ incredible drum playing on it. Especially on the last two lines before the last chorus where he hits those drums hard 8 times, then the bottom part where he hits the snare 5 times!!!! I turn up the volume or bang on the table every time that part comes up in that song. On several cuts, Jon Bon Jovi in a rare move was hitting some very high notes, which come out so very impressive! I don’t know of any other male singer who can hit those notes so high like that! And this was two years before Mariah Carey’s first album came out that Jon Bon Jovi was doing this high note approach. It’s the high point of this album every time I hear I’ll Be There For You and Living in Sin. Other songs I like, Born to Be My Baby and its familiar sing along chorus, Stick To Your Guns, Wild Is The Wind, the rocking final song with 99 in the title and others. Jon as well as Richie Sambora wrote some very solid songs this time, perhaps the best in their band’s music career. And David Bryan’s keyboard playing still blends well with Sambora and Alec Jon Such’s lead guitars and Tico’s drumming! Jon sounds so versatile vocally in all the songs here. One of my favorite albums and it justifies in that album title that they’re proud to be from New Jersey! They really prove why that state can produce such very multitalented music artists from Springsteen to Sinatra to Whitney to Dionne to even them too and many others!

    Posted on December 27, 2009