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New Jersey

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  • How do you follow up an album like Slippery When Wet? Well, frankly, just like this! While New Jersey didn’t quite make the big splash that Slippery did it certainly still made a big “wave” in the hair-rock world! Slippery would have been the perfect cd if it would have replaced some of its songs with ones like “Bad Medicine”, “Lay Your Hands on Me”, or “Stick to Your Guns”. All of these are great rock songs especially “Bad Medicine”. This cd relies more on the voices of the group and less on the, not so inconsiderable, guitar playing of Richie Sambora, this is what makes this cd different than Slippery. “Bad Medicine” I guess is the “You Give Love a Bad Name” song for NJ, and “Lay Your Hands on Me” is the “Let it Rock” song of NJ. So I guess, in a way, it still highly resembles Slippery, but why shouldn’t it? I mean, Slippery was one of the best rock albums of the ’80’s, so why not try to repeat the formula that made that album? You could argue all day about how different and alike the 2 albums are but still one thing is definately agreeable; both are awesome! “Bad Medicine” has great lyrics, guitars, drums, and vocals. “Lay Your Hands on Me”, while not the best song in terms of lyrics is still a powerful rock song. “Blood on Blood” is a great song and a great anthem to any guy teen group. “Born to be my Baby”, Living in Sin”, “Wild is the Wind” are all wonderful rock songs too. “I’ll be There for You” is not the best rock ballad out there, or even Jovi’s greatest, but it’s still good. “Love for Sale” is different and funny, that is what makes that song work. “99 in the Shade”, although it has a strange tune is good too. I think this album represents the versatility of Bon Jovi, not only in the songs, but in the style of music. Several songs on this cd are nothing like any of their previous or later cds. You can really tell though that Jon and Richie both find their voices in this one too. Their vocals were mixed very well with the music. Although this isn’t their best, with Slippery still being #1,in my opinion, NJ is a close second. In closing I’ll say this; I can’t find enough great things to say about Bon Jovi (the man and the group) their songs, lyrics, guitars, drums, voices, and talent are all top notch stuff, and New Jersey mixes all of their great talent together into one cd. So, if you’re an ’80’s “hair-rock” music fan, buy it! if your a Bon Jovi fan you should already have it! If you’re just a fan of great rock in general, you should buy it. Frankly, New Jersey and Slippery When Wet make a magnificent team! So put them in a cd player and play both of them back to back… the way it should be!

    Posted on December 28, 2009