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  • This would be the first album to actually do better in America than the U.K.The track listing has never made any sense as it opens with the classic anthems “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”. The album should end with these two.1977 was the year of punk and the boys from Queen felt the heat. Along comes “Sheer Heart Attack”, a blistering, ear splitting punk track that sounded light years better than the Sex Pistols. Deacon, once again, penned the weakest tracks from the album, the cliche ridden “Spread Your Wings” and the horribly poppy “Who Needs You”.The bright spot for me was Roger unleashing “Fight From The Inside”, a scathing commentary on music artists who sell out or who were vacuous to start with. “You’re just another picture on a teenage wall. You’re just another sucker ready for a fall.” Can we say Backstreet Boys?Queen’s blues number “Sleeping On The Sidewalk” (sung by Brian) was recorded in just one take! This was a source of criticism hurled at the band by critics. NOTW was the first to be solely produced by Queen and to be honest, it shows. There is no real direction with the tracks and as an album, it fails to sound smooth but if you take it song by song, it’s a winner.The album’s cover was an adaptation of a piece of science fiction artwork. The original had a giant robot causing havoc, etc. The album cover had it killing off Queen! It should also be noted that some years later Trent Reznor himself would do a cover version of “Get Down Make Love”.

    Posted on March 17, 2010