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  • We’ve seen mountains & mountains of albums where you hear the artist’s hit tune, followed by track after track of filler. Then there are a decent amount of albums that contain a healthy dose of quality music in addition to the familiar hit. This album, however, is one of those rare works that is GREAT music from the opening hit tracks ’til the closer. Unless you’ve been tucked away in the wilderness since 1977, you no doubt have heard snippets of “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions?” on TV, in movies, or at the end of various victorious home team games. What follows is a collection of some of Queen’s greatest work, most of which does not make it onto the “Best Of” compilations. If you love Queen?s musical legacy, but only have one or two of their albums, you really should grab “News of the World.” In my humble book, it ranks as a greatest hits CD unto itself.The melodic “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” is followed by a high quality-high-speed “Sheer Heart Attack,” and then shifts into a slow and beautiful mournful tune called “All Dead.” The next song is one of the most underrated of Freddie Mercury?s vocal efforts in “Spread Your Wings.” It’s not one of those songs where Mercury hits those mind-blowing high notes like he does in “Somebody to Love” or “Lily of the Valley,” but there is a passion in his voice that makes this song tops. I remember it getting a smattering of airplay when it came out in ?77, but it should have received much more radio time than it did. “Get Down, Make Love” is one of those fashionably guttural tunes in the same vein of “Tie Your Mother Down.” “Sleeping on the Sidewalk” is a cute rags-to-riches-to-rags tune, just this shy of being an acoustic folky piece. “Who Needs You” is one cute and campy tune which reminds me of some of their wackier songs from the “Radio-Ga-Ga” era, “It’s Late” is one of their rawer efforts, and “My Melancholy Blues” is another sweet sad song where Mercury really grand-slams his vocal range.From the cover art work to the lyrics to the music, this is one of Queen’s finest.

    Posted on January 8, 2010