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  • With the exception of the over-raunchy “Get Down Make Love” and that horrid remix of “We Will Rock You”, every song on this album is a classic. However, I must take issue with one reviewer from LA who thought this album was mainly filler and that Brian May was the only true talent in Queen (also, John Deacon wrote “Who Needs You”, not Freddie Mercury). Aside from that, Roger Taylor’s “Sheer Heart Attack” is campy punk, but “Fight From the Inside” is more of a funky “message” song (note that he played most of the instruments on both tracks). John’s “Who Needs You” features some unique Latino-jazz (with some fine acoustic work from Brian). “Spread Your Wings” is classic Queen, as are the hits “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” (Freddie had said that all Queen fans were the champions, all on the same team). “It’s Late” is a poignant rocker(which is a mini-soap opera story from Brian) and “All Dead All Dead” is about the passing away of Brian’s cat. “Sleeping On the Sidewalk” is a charming blues shuffle and “My Melancholy Blues” has more of a swing-jazz feel, two of Queen’s most unique songs ever.

    Posted on January 8, 2010