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Night Songs

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  • Yes, I will admit that because, of the Bon Jovi connection to the band. I purchased “Nightsongs” the day it was released in 1986. Fastforward 20 years, I’m still listening to Cinderella have everyone of their releases in my collection and you will not find Bon Jovi in my CD collection.
    I have always thought their album cover was deceiving because your expecting Bubble Gum Pop Metal and yet another Monkey see Monkey do band. But that’s not what you get, Tom, Eric and Jeff are awesome on this release (Fred didn’t play drums on this, so didn’t forget him) but got to say Jody Cortez does a decent job, the songwritings good and like that Nightsongs the 1st track. The Intro sets it up. Then they spring the surprise on you that they are just a Bluesy Metal Band and that’s what I crave. Have always loved Nightsongs, Shake Me, Nobody’s Fool (just turn up the bass), Nothin’ For Nothin’, Once Around The ride, Somebody Save Me and Push,Push. Twenty years later, like Hell On Wheels, In From The Outside and Back Home Again just as much. Definately, well worth it to track this release down.

    Posted on February 4, 2010