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  • Candlemass, the 80’s reincarnation of old Black Sabbath, continued their tradition of great doom metal on “Nightfall,” which was also the first of their albums to feature the superhuman vocals of Messiah Marcolin. People are always talking about the operatic style of King Diamond, but Messiah is FAR superior to King. Additionally, Messiah somehow manages to look EVEN LESS COOL than King Diamond, which would be difficult for any normal human, but Messiah makes it look easy.Songs on “Nightfall” are fantastic. “The Well of Souls” starts things off strongly; “At the Gallows End” “Samarithan” “Dark Are the Veils of Death” “Mourners Lament” and “Bewitched” are all great as well. The other songs are instrumentals, but they’re great instrumentals. “Nightfall” was also the first album to feature Lars Johannson’s virtuosic guitar solos, which add another touch of brilliance to these already awesome songs. The bonus disc contains demos of Bewitched and Battlecry, live performances of The Well of Souls and Dark Are the Veils of Death, and studio outtakes of At the Gallows End and Mourners Lament, as well as a twenty five minute interview with Messiah, Lars and bassist/songwriter Leif Edling, which covers the band’s creation of “Nightfall.” There is also a music video(!!) of the song Bewitched, which is sort of cool, because it’s Candlemass, but is also not cool because the production is not too good, and Messiah still doesn’t look cool.The songs on “Nightfall” are not as catchy as those on “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus,” but Candlemass’ move toward the more grandiose atmosphere of their sophomore effort is still a very strong one, and well worth the buying for fans of doom metal. If you like Black Sabbath and don’t own Candlemass CD’s or haven’t heard of them, BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY.

    Posted on January 15, 2010