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  • I have been aware of Candlemass for many years, but did not have any music from them. Recently, I decided to make the step and procure this second album from them–Nightfall–that was originally released in 1987. Nightfall marks the debut of vocalist Messiah Marcolin. What makes this Swedish band unique is Marcolin; this one-of-a-kind singer vocalizes in an operatic style–also, I like how he uses vibrato. Candlemass sounds to me like a combination of hard rock and metal. They are a heavy band, but the songs are mostly slow in tempo. The group reminds me of Black Sabbath. In addition, I like how Nightfall emanates a gothic-sounding atmosphere. This remastered album sports ten compositions–four of these are instrumentals: “Gothic Stone,” “Codex Gigas,” “Marche Funebre,” and “Black Candles.” All of the material on this album is satisfying. When it comes to the guitar playing, guitarists Lars Johansson and Mats Bjorkman provide memorable and entertaining rhythm guitar work. My favorite cuts are “Gothic Stone,” “The Well of Souls,” and “Bewitched.” The disc is just over 46 minutes. There is also a second bonus disc that comes with this album. It consists of demos, live tunes, studio outtakes, an audio interview, and a video of “Bewitched.” I like the CD booklet. Bass guitarist Leif Edling furnishes commentary on all of the material of Nightfall and on the bonus disc. In addition, the song lyrics to Nightfall are included along with color and black-and-white photos of the band. Nightfall is a recommendable piece of work.

    Posted on January 15, 2010