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Nightmare Revisited

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  • This is a review for those of you that have already seen the movie and are now looking at buying the Nightmare Revisited soundtrack compilation.

    The cd case itself was enough for me to buy this amazing cd. Although it is a cardboard case it is still very nice, It doesn’t look like someone cut it out of a cereal box and slapped pictures on it like some cds do. Ahem. The case has lovely drawn pictures of some of the different characters including Sally on the inside and Jack on the front cover..
    The pictures are surrounded by slightly raised pinkish purple designs, all cutely spooky and definitely done in the flavor of the movie. And to tie it all together it has shiny black webbing in the background. Whoever designed the cover art definitely had a taste for the theme of the compilation.

    The cd itself has a wide variety of sounds. This cd sports an impressive rang of artists, from the ones you’d first think of to do do a cd like this.. to ones you maybe wouldn’t. An example would be Marilyn Manson, who does the same song he had from the original soundtrack Special cd, a very impressive version of ‘This is Halloween’ to Rodrigo y Gabriela’s version of ‘Oogie Boogie’s Song’ with a very enjoyable Latin twist.
    Also featured are the well known artists Korn, All American Rejects, Plain White T’s, Rjd2, and perhaps my favorite, Amy Lee who does a wonderful version of ‘Sally’s Song’. Danny Elfman also does some voice work in the opening and closing.

    Interesting tidbit: There are some very obvious typos in the artists’ names.. GARBRIELA instead of Gabriela?? Poor girl. Don’t know if its like that on every cd but on mine there definitely was!!

    Adding new sounds to a classic soundtrack, this cd is a must have for Nightmare lovers everywhere. All in all this cd is a great buy, definitely worth the money.

    Posted on March 12, 2010