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Nightwish: Made in Hong Kong (and in Various Other Places)

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  • I’m grateful for a Nightwish live release representing the Annette-fronted version of the band, but this could have been better. It’s a bit skimpy. There are 8 live tracks from the Dark Passion Play tour, 2 B-sides and a demo. The live tracks are great. They sound excellent and the band rocks hard. Don’t expect a whole lot of variation from the album versions though. Of course, there are no songs from the Tarja albums. If that’s what you’re looking for, there is a wonderful live release called End of an Era that is well worth checking out. This disc is a bit short. Not to mention the glaring omission of Meadows of Heaven, my favorite song from Dark Passion Play. The DVD is fluff. A short documentary about the tour and three music videos. I hate these CD/DVD combos. The DVD content is rarely worthwile and only serves to jack up the price as is the case here.

    So although the content is good, this just isn’t a very good value. I would like to have seen a complete live show. The CD is only 66 minutes long. They could have dropped the three “bonus” tracks and included probably 4 or 5 more live tracks. And dropped the DVD entirely. But that’s record companies for you. For live Nightwish, End of an Era is certainly the way to go.

    Posted on November 20, 2009