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New material from Polish death metal act. Earache Records.Since their debut, Winds of Creation, Decapitated have divided their time between relentless touring and a more academic musical education back home in Poland. As a result, Nihility displays a consistency of power rare in the world of death metal. The fastest developing member of this youthful bunch (when this recording was made, Decapitated’s average age was under 20) is guitarist Vogg. As on the debut, he indulges in bursts of Eddie Van Halen-style pyrotechnics, but his sound has matured to a point that his work sometimes recalls Ritchie Blackmore in the early days of Rainbow. He creates a torrent of noise driven to ever-greater speed and violence by Vitek’s savage percussion. On the downside, tracks sometimes wander, and the uniform pace strips the group of the power of surprise. Vocalist Sauron could certainly vary his infernal grunting; during ”Mother War,” he sounds like a buffalo attempting to recite nursery rhymes. Taken as a whole though, Nihility is a step forward that won’t disappoint Decapitated’s growing legion of fans. –Dominic Wills

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  • This is by far one of the best death metal albums out there. These guys are so tight, fast and technical. Their over all sound is extremely mechanical, like a well oiled lawn mower or something. Though fast and technical, there’s nothing flashing or showy about this band, their much more concerned with trying to create and over all atmosphere. The guitar player’s not trying to be Jimmy Hendrix or anything; although, he could probably show up Hendrix if he wanted to. Give this album a try if you like good loud fast death metal, if not why are you reading this review?

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well you probably have been reading the other reviews about Decapitation, and most of them are correct. This band is extremely talented and especially for how young they are. They sound like they have been playing for years and years. Not much more to say except that these guys are awesome. If they are this good now, then think of what they will sound like 5 years from now…..WOW!

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album floors me everytime I hear it. It is utterly amazing. It is hard to belive a band this young at the time this album was release could create such a punishily brutal technical master work. If you are impressed by the works of bands like Suffocation, Cryptopsy, and Morbid Angel this will be right up your alley in fact it will probably turn your alley upside down and set it on fire. Caution buying this album may forever make all other death metal albums sound weak and unimpressive to you, listen at your own risk

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After hearing Decapitated’s “Sphere’s of Madness” on MTV2’s headbangers ball I thought I should get this record as it has been a while since I’ve heard something so tight and brutal as Decapitated. I purchased the album and really enjoyed it. I heard the Polish 4some were only about 18 years old when thier first album was released, how cool! Anyways, the musicianship on this record is simple; guitar, bass, drums, vocals death metal. No fancy production tricks or effects, hardly or no reverb or hall effects in instruments, just fast and brutal death. I would most likely consider this what cannibal corpse would sound like with extremely tight drums and guitars. The whole record sounds like they were playing right in front of you, the metal guitars sound like metal guitars, the drums sound like drums.The production on this record is raw, most sounding like Metallica’s Justice album, everything is in the for-front, well, almost everything. So like I said before, the music is tight. It’s the epitamy of what death metal was originally supposed to sound like, before bands like cannibal corpse and six feet under came along and diversified it somewhat, and groups branched out the category with melodic singing and keyboards. It’s still great though, the machine gun riffs are bone crunching and real, the drums are greatly audible and quick with the blast beats (not overdone though), the vocals were deep and powerful, but not completely cannibal corpse cookie monster. The only thing I was dissappointed with was the bass. It just seemed the bass knob and volume even on the bass amp wasn’t tuned up high enough, so parts where you actually hear the bass, it comes up a mostly weak (if I were the bass player in this band, I wouldn’t be happy).If this hindrence had been adjusted though, this album probably would’ve gotten 5 stars from me. The guitar players do hit lots of fast tight(key word: TIGHT) classic thrash and death riffs, yes, but that’s not all they do, there are lots of great twin harmonic licks mingled in between everything here, giving enough variety to have you picking up that imaginary guitar and whaling along. Now when you think of twin harmonic licks you usually think of In Flames, but it’s not to the upbeat sounding degree of In Flames, these licks are dark and morbid, but not black metal dark and morbid, just pure death.Another slight complaint is that the whole 8 song CD only lasted 35 minutes in length, so the entire listen to this record is shortlived, but for that time being, you’ll enjoy every head splitting moment. In conclusion, this album was definitly worth the cash. For anyone who’s into death metal, I would HIGHLY recommend this band. Although if your idea of good metal is that of Opeth, In Flames, or most swedish melodic types, this may turn you off a bit. Just keep an open mind and give this was a few spins, it’s an old school death headbangers dream come true.

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The world needs more of this band. These guys do for death metal what later day King Crimson did for “rock” music. They have cemented technical ability with the human touch to create death metal perfection. Too many bands are all flying fingers and speed with no soul. Decapitated are the one of the best the genre has to offer. Speed. Surrealism. Hallucinations. Lyrical mazes strobing and pulsing. Listen to track 6 and lose yourself in the best “bad trip” you’ll ever go on. Spin this while you are enjoying your art collection, a good pulpy Lovecratian story, or your first cup of coffee before work. You will be hooked.Buy it now and buy the first album while you’re at it.Thanks.

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now