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No Exit

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METAL BLADE RECORDS 25th Anniversary Edition Series To commemorate 25 years of the LOUDEST, HARDEST, HEAVIEST and the very best HEAVY METAL on the planet, METAL BLADE RECORDS will re-release seminal Metal albums from artists that have and continue to shape and influence the genre. The 25th Anniversary Editions will be released throughout 2007 and will include unreleased bonus tracks, DVD’s of behind the scenes or live footage and additional liner notes from the artists themselves. From a garage in a Los Angeles suburb in 1982 to becoming the leading true INDEPENDENT Heavy Metal record label in the world, METAL BLADE RECORDS continues to lead the way in introducing artists to the Heavy Metal world, which we have continually defined.

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  • I really like this re-release of No Exit, it has what you would expect from a special edition: better artwork (it is still the original but with different shades and tones), bonus tracks and remastered sound, plus a bonus DVD. The booklet contains all the photos of the original release plus new ones from that era of the band, all additional information from lyrics to original thanks and credits in a better and more elegant layout, along with a few lines commenting on the bonus tracks. I’m not a sound expert but I have the original release and this sounds louder, brighter and cleaner. What was a great and welcomed surprise was that now the Ivory Gate of Dreams suite is separated in 8 tracks, making it easier to enjoy your favorite parts of the song. As another reviewer wrote the bonus tracks are the original Quietus demo (Ray’s audition tape) and two pieces of music that were not used for the Ivory Gate of Dreams. I’m not that much into DVD’s so I haven’t watched this one, but the music alone warrant the purchase of this cool edition.

    For those of you that haven’t heard No Exit it is a powerful trash/prog metal hybrid, heavier and less melodic than the John Arch releases but excellent none the less.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I am trying to get into Fates Warning. I have Awaken the Guardian, and a later Fates cd that doesn’t sound like metal at all. I like this “No Exit” cd better than “Awaken”. Why? Mainly because the quirky vocals, and wierd time changes are gone on “Exit”. Here you have some decent heavy metal with a slightly progressive bent. The vocals are very high–quite similar to the Queensryche dude. If you are a lover of all things metal, and like some intelligence added to it–try this cd.

    Posted on January 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Metal blade did a fabulous job w/ the re-release of “awaken the guardian”. No Exit does not get quite the elaborate roll-out that Awaken did but the extras are pretty cool. On the cd you get 3 unheard tunes. One is a vocal audition that Ray mailed back to the band. The other two are ‘lost’ instrumentals that belonged in the Ivory Gate epic but the parts that were left out sound similiar to riffs that are already in the song. The dvd is cool at 45 min long but a bit frustrating since they always give you a fade in/fade out version of songs mashed together. You never do see one complete song from back in tha day w/ the exception of them doing Valley of the Dolls (a track from a previous album) and that quality is from a many-times dubbed VHS source. Also, the graphics and colors on the cd cover are just horrendous. It’s almost like FW is an inside joke at Metal blade. First they spell their sophmore release “Spector” incorrectly and now the No Exit cover almost looks like a black and white image that was done by a fourth grader at computer camp. But, FW have proved that it is not the album covers (or videos) that makes this band unique it is the music that lays imbedded in the cd.
    I remember seeing these guys on the No Exit tour at the thirsty Whale in Chicago. It was one of the last tours Ray would sing John Arch material and the crowd was just electric with joy while FW played. FW even hung in the pkg lot before the show and drank w/ us! Some of the greatest prog metal ever comes from the fingertips of this band. These guys are a bit more like a ’serious’ and somber Dream Theater. Check out this classic release but all FW discs are good but the ‘92 era and before was when they were at their prog peak.

    Posted on January 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now