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No Guts...No Glory

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  • This has got to be one the most underrated albums of all. I don’t know if it didn’t get promoted well or what but it is well worth the price. It marked the return of Danny Joe Brown to the group after a couple of unsuccessful albums (Beatin’ the Odds and Take No Prisoners). It starts off blazing with “What Does It Matter?”, which gives the illusion that 2 guitarists are switching off the leads. But actually Duane Roland played all of the solo work himself. “Sweet Dixie” is pure southern boogie, with somewhat of a harmony guitar line and great solo (Dave Hlubek). “Fall of the Peacemakers” is a true southern rock gem with an accoustic opening, great lead vocals, and soulful intro and middle lead guitars. The stage is set though, and you will realize this is a wolf in sheeps clothing when the jam starts to kick in. You may even think the song is ending after the vocals stop. Oh boy, dead wrong. The “tripple ripple” guitar attack howls with a two then three guitar harmony lead, followed by separate leads by each guitarists (Roland, Hlubek, and Steve Holland). It’s one of those songs that sounds so good you wish it didn’t end. The hit off of this album was “Kinda Like Love”. “On the Prowl” features some tasteful slide guitar work. “Both Sides” is a great instrumental jam. “Under the Gun” is a roaring fast song with some excellent guitar tradeoffs by Hlubek and Roland. “What’s It Gonna Take?” and “Ain’t Even Close” jam as well. This is a very powerful album.

    Posted on December 11, 2009