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No Guts...No Glory

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  • O.K., I know that this wasn’t their most commercially successful album, but it is every bit as good as their first two albums “Molly Hatchet” and “Flirtin’ With Disaster”. This was the first album recorded after lead singer Danny Joe Brown’s return to the band, and you can tell he was full of energy and out to prove that Hatchet was back, bigger than ever! This album is a feather in his cap, as the true voice of Molly Hatchet. I really liked the previous two albums with Jimmy Farrar on vocals, but his style was vastly different from D.J.B. Right away on the first track “What Does It Matter?”, in the opening riffs, Danny lets loose with his banter, and there’s no mistaking who’s on vocals. Dave Hlubek’s master piece “Fall of the Peacemakers” fits nicely in the middle of the album, but probably the track with the most drive is “What’s it Gonna Take”. Awesome dual harmony guitar leads and sang with conviction. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. This has the true Hatchet sound!

    Posted on December 11, 2009