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No Prayer for the Dying

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  • I’ve noticed a lot of people badmouthing this album, but I think it is GREAT! What is everybody’s problem? The only thing a little different about this album from other Maiden albums is that it is more raw and direct. The songs are shorter (most are between 4 and 5 minutes long), and there is very little presence of synths or layered tracks. The other thing that people complain about is the replacement of guitarist Adrian Smith by Janick Gers.However, despite what you may hear, this is a great set of 10 songs! If I had to, I would pay the price of the whole album just for “Tailgunner.” It is my favorite song on the album, and from its opening riffs, it is entrancing. The two singles are “Holy Smoke” and “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter.” They are also very good; they have a tongue-in-cheek humor that is rarely present in Iron Maiden’s music. These, and the others of this great album, rock in a straightforward fashion.That is not to say that there are no classic-sounding masterpieces! The title song is brilliant, and the main riff is one of Maiden’s best ever. “Run Silent Run Deep” and “Mother Russia” are two more of my favorites.So what’s this about Janick Gers being so terrible! I think he is great, and honestly, he’s not as good as Adrian Smith, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guitarist. The only real fault that I can find in this record is in “The Assassin.” This is a great song, until the chorus comes along. I will admit, the chorus is rather flat. But the rest of the song is brilliant!It saddens me that so many Maiden fans will dis this album so terribly. It is great. Take it from a REAL Iron Maiden fan.

    Posted on December 6, 2009