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No Prayer for the Dying

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  • As the 80s closed and Grunge loomed in the horizon, many Metal bands were quickly losing the mainstream attention they had been recieving throughout the decade. However, since Maiden never aligned themselves with either the Hair Metal camp or the Thrash Metal camp, they weren’t particularly affected by the changing musical climates. However, they decided (for whatever reason, we’ll never know) to strip down their progressive Metal approach and go back to the more straight ahead thrashy punk of their early career. Don’t get me wrong, this album is certainly not simplistic at all, and guitar-wise it’s one of the most dominant of the bunch, but it did sacrifice the very complementing keyboards of their past albums.Regardless of the “black sheep” status of the album, it is clear this is a guitar-oriented Rock N Roll album, and when so it should be listened and reviewed as such. Taking this into acount, No Prayer for the Dying is a strong album. It features plenty of great harmonies and memorable choruses and it should definately please the average Rock/Metal fan that’s not expecting a huge magnum opus.. Opener “Tailgunner” is an appropriate track, but it’s not very memorable as far as Maiden goes, and is not on the same level as Aces High, Caught Somewhere in Time and the like. “Holy Smoke” is a humorous tune, followed by the intense power-ballad-styled Title Track, one of the finer cuts. Public Enema Number One and Fates Warning are simple, average songs. “The Assassin” you could say is the stinker of the album, the song goes nowhere and simply adds nothing to the album. However, after its lowest point, the closing 4 tracks are all very strong and are on par with the previous Maiden. “Running Silent, Running Deep” is an underrated gem, while “Hooks In You” keeps the high quality of the “Charlotte the Harlot” saga, being the 3rd in the series. Maiden’s biggest hit single “Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter” is probably the best of the bunch, a classic. Closing epic “Mother Russia” is also a great song and an underrated cut.All in all, No Prayer’s downfall is the fact that it’s a Maiden album, and it has much too many average tracks and not enough of the Maiden “epic” sound of the previous albums. As a “Return to Roots” album, however, it fares much better than most of its peers and at the end of the day, while it’s not increadibly impressive, it will not dissappint the ardent fan.Tailgunner- 8/10Holy Smoke- 8/10No Prayer For the Dying- 9/10Public Enema- 7/10Fates Warning- 7/10The Assassin- 5/10Running Silent, Running Deep- 9.5/10Hooks in You- 9/10Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter- 10/10Mother Russia- 9/10

    Posted on December 6, 2009