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No Regrets

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Pioneering metal act Dope are back with their 5th release and first for KOCH Records. Led by front man Edsel Dope the band have cemented themselves as a core metal act who’s live performances always leave the crowds knocked out. Sticking with the heavier approach of their last release ”American Apathy” ”No Regrets” shows the band continuing in a heavier direction then their earlier material but with several singles headed for active rock.

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  • I saw them live with Static-X and Powerman5K back when they put their first disc out. They were incredible live. I wasn’t digging the Marilyn Manson outfits, but the music was solid. I bought all of the albums in between the first and No Regrets, and I wouldn’t even spend time writing a review for those albums… utterly forgettable stuff. This album, to me, represents a huge change in production quality and musicality. The guitar riffs are not as simple as you would expect having listened to previous Dope albums. Without knowing what is going on in the band, whether there was a guitarist line changeup or an attitude adjustment, I can still say that the guitar playing is eons better than what I would have expected from Dope. Riffage is unforgettable and the vocals lock in tight with the instruments. If you are a metal fan, I can’t see how you would dislike this record. If I had to recommend a single song for downloading, I would say “No Regrets” is my fav track.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Tons of great heavy metal bands have realesed CDs this year but…

    …No Regrets is the only CD released in 2009 that has not only met my expectations but exceeded them as well. Ive listened to Dope since their first CD (which is perhabs their best CD next to this) and I have to say I wasnt expecting a CD of this magnitude.

    The music is harder, heavier, and faster while still providing an extraordinary amount of variety. No Regrets with getting this CD!

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Since I’ve listened to this album for the first time, I’ve cranked it countless times. With “No Regrets”, Dope step it up in a few areas. Firstly is in the musicianship; the songs are more technical and complex than before, but they still contain that signature Dope swagger and attitude to them. In addition, lots of guitar solos and sick drum fills to keep the listener paying attention.

    The songwriting also improves the songs even more, on such great tracks as “No Regrets”, “My Funeral” and “Nothing For Me Here”. The way the songs build up and have twists and turns, even in the three minutes that they run, make them interesting and show that Dope has matured as songwriters. This is a definite plus.

    Thirdly and probably most obviously is that there’s a lot of variety on this album. We have fast-paced, energetic numbers such as the rebellious “6-6-Sick”, the moshpit-ready “Violence”, the addictive riff-rocker “Nothing For Me Here” and the seductive strutter “Addiction”. We also have slower, darker songs such as the stomping “Dirty World” and the poetic, almost ballad-styled “My Funeral”. There are also some nice surprises, such as a cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”. This one is played in B-flat minor, as opposed to the original being played in B-minor. This makes for a fresh spin to the song while still maintaining the energy and sexiness of it. There’s also the hilarious “I Don’t Give A…”, which is one of my new favorites off the album.

    Overall, this is an all-around excellent album full of great hooks, riffs, solos, and just about anything you can think of. Dope is really able to combine a rock-star attitude, quality musicianship, seductive sleaze and moshing, headbanging attitude into one great bundle. Whether you’re a fan of Dope or new to the band, this will be an addictive album, so be sure to get it soon! Thanks for the time, and peace.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dope is one of the remnants of the nu-metal apocalyptic ruins, managing to survive with their sleaze-rock swagger/industrial thunderstorm hybrid and an overdose of attitude, and that never goes out of style. Their sonic dream was refined with “American Apathy” but that release had too many throwaway tracks amongst the standouts. With “No Regrets,” the sound and fury is catastrophic and there is not a trace of filler to be found.

    This is an angry album, at times approaching the rabid foam-flecked savagery of Lamb of God, and sometimes it’s f&%$ you punk ala SUM 41. Plenty of sex, booze, and profanity- classic Dope. But the technical aspects are also amped up. The trademark descending/ascending scales and thrashy/double-bass onslaught drum style are still getting heavy use, as are synthesized vocal and instrumental effects, but there are plenty of riffs, chops, and solos that would raise eyebrows even if found on today’s neo-shredding metal champion’s albums. There is a solo at the end of “My Funeral” that is brief but very very sweet.

    “No Regrets” is the realization of the sound Dope has always strived for. There isn’t any nu-metal left, all that remains is straight DOPE.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • No Regrets, Dope’s fifth studio release, marks a decade since the band released their debut, Felons & Revolutionaries. They’re one of the few bands classified as “nu metal” that I’ve been proud to diligently follow all these years. While most bands of the genre are popular, mainstream, and full of teenage angst, Dope really aren’t any of these things. It’s a shame they aren’t as popular as they could be, for they haven’t strayed from the sound which makes them who they are… unlike a lot of other artists who have altered their’s in the same ten-year span. If you don’t want changes from album to album, Dope are your men.

    Disclaimer: No Regrets may contradict aforementioned statement as it’s more intense than ever before.

    I remember anxiously awaiting the release of this album, only to be frustrated with delay. Any potential release date may have strictly been rumored, but held my breath I did. Having a taste of the “Violence” snippet long ago had me itching for more. Now several months later, No Regrets has been unleashed. Excited bias aside, this is the most intensity I’ve heard from the Chicago rockers. If they’re looking for their dark side, they’ve certainly found it, and were actually on the right track with their last album, American Apathy. Upon its release four years ago, I wondered if the darkness and energy would heighten and carry over to the next album (and would later wonder if there would even be another), and here we are.

    The first single is “Addiction” which features a guitar solo from legendary shredder Zakk Wylde. Dope and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society performed together some time ago, so that likely led to the camaraderie. It’s actually a fairly cookie-cutter song for the band’s standards, but with Wylde’s solo in the mix the song is instantly better. “No Regrets” and “Violence” are more of the same – they exemplify the sound you’d expect. For a darker change of pace, “My Funeral” and “Dirty World” are mirthless about being alone, fading to black, addiction, and aren’t that full of adrenaline.

    At an even more extreme change of pace, songs like “6 6 Sick,” “We Are,” and “Scorn” take the album up a notch with squealing guitars, pounding rhythm, and Edsel Dope’s relentless and vigorous vocals. This all comes as a welcomed gesture for those wanting Dope to get out of the “nu metal” rut and into the darker world of metal. Overall, No Regrets is like that unrestrained, vicious Doberman bearing its teeth. Don’t be afraid now.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now