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No Regrets

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  • Dope is one of the remnants of the nu-metal apocalyptic ruins, managing to survive with their sleaze-rock swagger/industrial thunderstorm hybrid and an overdose of attitude, and that never goes out of style. Their sonic dream was refined with “American Apathy” but that release had too many throwaway tracks amongst the standouts. With “No Regrets,” the sound and fury is catastrophic and there is not a trace of filler to be found.

    This is an angry album, at times approaching the rabid foam-flecked savagery of Lamb of God, and sometimes it’s f&%$ you punk ala SUM 41. Plenty of sex, booze, and profanity- classic Dope. But the technical aspects are also amped up. The trademark descending/ascending scales and thrashy/double-bass onslaught drum style are still getting heavy use, as are synthesized vocal and instrumental effects, but there are plenty of riffs, chops, and solos that would raise eyebrows even if found on today’s neo-shredding metal champion’s albums. There is a solo at the end of “My Funeral” that is brief but very very sweet.

    “No Regrets” is the realization of the sound Dope has always strived for. There isn’t any nu-metal left, all that remains is straight DOPE.

    Posted on December 15, 2009