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No Regrets

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  • Since I’ve listened to this album for the first time, I’ve cranked it countless times. With “No Regrets”, Dope step it up in a few areas. Firstly is in the musicianship; the songs are more technical and complex than before, but they still contain that signature Dope swagger and attitude to them. In addition, lots of guitar solos and sick drum fills to keep the listener paying attention.

    The songwriting also improves the songs even more, on such great tracks as “No Regrets”, “My Funeral” and “Nothing For Me Here”. The way the songs build up and have twists and turns, even in the three minutes that they run, make them interesting and show that Dope has matured as songwriters. This is a definite plus.

    Thirdly and probably most obviously is that there’s a lot of variety on this album. We have fast-paced, energetic numbers such as the rebellious “6-6-Sick”, the moshpit-ready “Violence”, the addictive riff-rocker “Nothing For Me Here” and the seductive strutter “Addiction”. We also have slower, darker songs such as the stomping “Dirty World” and the poetic, almost ballad-styled “My Funeral”. There are also some nice surprises, such as a cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”. This one is played in B-flat minor, as opposed to the original being played in B-minor. This makes for a fresh spin to the song while still maintaining the energy and sexiness of it. There’s also the hilarious “I Don’t Give A…”, which is one of my new favorites off the album.

    Overall, this is an all-around excellent album full of great hooks, riffs, solos, and just about anything you can think of. Dope is really able to combine a rock-star attitude, quality musicianship, seductive sleaze and moshing, headbanging attitude into one great bundle. Whether you’re a fan of Dope or new to the band, this will be an addictive album, so be sure to get it soon! Thanks for the time, and peace.

    Posted on December 16, 2009