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No Regrets

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  • I saw them live with Static-X and Powerman5K back when they put their first disc out. They were incredible live. I wasn’t digging the Marilyn Manson outfits, but the music was solid. I bought all of the albums in between the first and No Regrets, and I wouldn’t even spend time writing a review for those albums… utterly forgettable stuff. This album, to me, represents a huge change in production quality and musicality. The guitar riffs are not as simple as you would expect having listened to previous Dope albums. Without knowing what is going on in the band, whether there was a guitarist line changeup or an attitude adjustment, I can still say that the guitar playing is eons better than what I would have expected from Dope. Riffage is unforgettable and the vocals lock in tight with the instruments. If you are a metal fan, I can’t see how you would dislike this record. If I had to recommend a single song for downloading, I would say “No Regrets” is my fav track.

    Posted on December 16, 2009