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No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith

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  • In my opinion the best live heavy metal album ever made. I should qualify this by saying that I’m by no means a Metal devotee but I’ve never heard anything faster, tougher, nastier, stronger or sonically clearer from any other Metal band than this wonderful onslaught to my ears. It’s a beautifully violent speed assault to the senses. `Ace of Spades’, `Motorhead’ and `Bomber’ are all more impressive here than the studio versions and there’s absolutely no filler tracks on this album. I remember that this was a massive success in the U.K. when it first came out to a lot of people’s surprise and then people couldn’t really figure out if `Motorhead’ were a Metal/Punk, Punk/Metal or purely Metal band. In the end people decided that they couldn’t care less and all types from the Punks (before they became extinct) and the hardcore metal-heads for a time celebrated one of the few bands who embraced both the styles so effortlessly. Lemmy’s ultra-gruff voice is in full force here and hold’s it’s own with the mad-fast power guitar riffs and maniacal drumming that accompany for instance `Ace of Spaces’ which is for my money the best Metal song bar-none. This is hard-metal, not the soft puffy crap that populated the 80’s and with this album alone `Motorhead’ are assured as one of the top 10 Metal bands of all time. This is their best album and to my mind the most adrenaline pumping kick in the face record maybe ever made. Clearly a band at the height of its powers, this is Motorhead’s high-point and if you’d like to reacquaint yourself with some raw metal power mayhem this is the place to go. Anybody claiming to be a Metal fan who doesn’t have this album well……just isn’t a metal fan. This is essential.

    Posted on January 22, 2010