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No World for Tomorrow (Deluxe)

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Deluxe Edition includes a video about the making of No World for Tomorrow, a performance of ”Mother Superior,” plus audio/video-animated projections from Good Apollo tour. Also includes a deluxe booklet with over 50 photos.

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  • The anticipation of the release of this album for me was through the roof. And it never has disappointed me.

    There are very few albums out there that I can listen to completely through, in their entirety, without skipping. This is one of those albums.

    The first track, “The Reaping”, provides a buildup to the album that gets me extremely pumped. It’s like you’re standing on the edge of doom and death and you’re saying your last words. I’m serious, hear me out!

    Then “No World for Tomorrow” kicks in and you are head-first into my favorite song of all time. The guitar riffs are really infectious and the song’s pace is fast and really rockin’. This song is probably the best on the album, in my opinion at least. I find myself driving and almost pumping my fist in the air at the part “Raise your hands high!” (Alright, I admit it, I have…more than a few times.)

    The next track, “The Hound of Blood and Rank” has kind of a 90’s alternative rock feel. The “Come on, come on, come on” kind of sounds like that Collective Soul song, but it’s still awesome in its own right.

    The 4th track and I think the latest single off the album “Feathers” is something I almost can’t explain. You will get this song stuck in your head and you will sing along to it even when you don’t mean to. (Also totally unrelated, but you should check out the music video for it-Claudio is a huge horror movie buff and the video is great.)

    The “Running Free” comes next, which is a quick paced song that once again, you’re going to sing along to and do the “whoa oh oh oh oh ohhhhh oh oh” (I tried) all day long. I brought this song to one of my spinning classes and the instructor LOVES it and plays it all the time. It’s just really, really catchy and fun. This was the first single for the album, and with good reason.

    “Mother Superior” is the ballad on this album, and it’s heavy enough to not be wimpy, yet melodic enough to make you get little goosebumps. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like the way he pronounces the word “baby”, it kind of sounds like “boiby” but whatever, it still sounds great.

    The next song is called “Gravemakers and Gunslingers” and it just rocks. This song is heavy and fast paced. I love that he compares being in love to shooting a gun. “Pull that trigger!”

    After that song, it seems to slow down a bit, there’s a little instrumental segment and then there’s the song “Justice in Murder”, followed by “The End Complete” series. The last song of the End Complete series we hear Claudio sounding slightly more raspy than his usual upper octave voice, but still great none-the-less.

    Overall, this album is filled with greats. As I was writing I found myself unable to decide which was my true favorite. If you’re a fan of Coheed and Cambria, you probably already own this, and I’m hoping you’ll agree that this is a great finale to the series (unless you’re counting the prequel as the true finale).

    If you’re not a fan, but enjoy some good rock n’ roll mixed in with some modern rock and I guess a little emo for lack of a better word, check them out!

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Lets face it, out of all their albums, this is probably my least favorite. Having said that, C&C is the only thing keeping my faith in rock music alive. You know that rock music is about dead when the biggest thing in rock music is horrible bands like the Jonas Bros. and Hannah Montana. Really C&C is the only modern bad I listen to, and that’s because they are the only ones that come close to sounding like real rock bands like Rush and Yes. Lets face it, 70’s progressive rock music is the only real music out there. Don’t listen to people who say that Fall Out Boys are a good band, or that My Chemical Romance are a good band. Anyone who says that really don’t know music at all.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • No World for Tomorrow is a really good album. Definately worth checking out. A few cuts such as “Running Free” are almost certainly going to be radio favorites. I have all of the Coheed albums thus far and although I love their music, I have no clue of the storyline. I haven’t picked up the comics and haven’t talked to anyone who can explain what’s going on. That aside, they are extremely talented musicians and Claudio is an excellent front man and song writer. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth is still my favorite cd by the band so far. This one ranks just below Good Apollo. But just barely. Give NWFT a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was first introduced to Coheed and Cambria when I heard “A Favorhouse Atlantic” on the radio. However, it wasn’t until Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume 1 that I gave into the temptation and gave them an honest listen. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Co&Ca has been an almost permanent fixture in my car and on my computer ever since that CD. Then, I started digging deeper and realized that the members of Co&Ca were telling a story; a crazy, sci-fi rock opera that would ultimately span five CDs and contained more violence, melodrama, backstabbing and pain than any soap opera out there.

    But, instead of turning me away, it drew me in and made me actively listen, trying to piece the puzzle together. Volume 1 also marked a huge change for the story as it introduced The Writer and brought the earlier themes of sci-fi to life. It made what was being told more human and introduced the Writer’s own failings and insecurities. It was a defining moment for the band. Now, we have Volume 2: No World for Tomorrow and it promises to close shut the story of Coheed, Cambria, Claudio and the whole Kilganon family before the first chapter in the story is released.

    Volume 2 is Co&Ca’s masterpiece. It draws inspiration from all three of the previous albums, warps them and presents a unified front that is the culmination of everything that came before it. The songs effortlessly move from unabashed rock to power ballads to pop, all cemented with Claudio’s soaring, albeit polarizing, voice. Some of the songs here standout as the absolute best of Co&Ca. In particular, “Mother Superior,” “The End Complete” and “The Road and the Damned” are probably my favorite songs created by Co&Ca. What surprised me was how I could hear some of their earlier work pop out in the songs. A scream here, or a refrain, a lyric or the ending of the CD. It did what a good multi-part story should do and come full circle.

    This edition contains some video snippets and some other audio tracks on the attached DVD. It’s definitely worth it, but you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

    I could go through and list my feelings toward each track, but I won’t. If you are new to Coheed and Cambria, this is easily their most accessible. But it’s also one of their best. I know some fans haven’t been really into Co&Ca since their last album. Their sound has changed. For me, it’s changed for the better and Volume 2 equally takes from their previous album and their roots to create what is arguably their best album yet. Give them a try, if you’re new. It’s a wild journey.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • THE BAND: Claudio Sanchez (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, synth), Travis Stever (guitars, background vocals), Michael Todd (bass), Chris Pennie* (drums & percussion). *It is noted in the album liner notes that “Taylor Hawkins played all drums on this album”.

    THE DISC: (2007) 13 tracks clocking in at approximately 60 minutes. There are 2 versions of the release – the single disc in a slim cardboard sleeve (only); and the 2-disc 4-section foldout set containing the album on disc-1, and disc-2 being the DVD containing the making of the album with in-studio footage – including inspiration, turmoil, artwork concepts, etc (21+ minutes); original acoustic demos – 5 songs (27 minutes); “Mother Superior” performed live and acoustic (5+ minutes); and a tour photo album set to music (8 minutes). Included in the 2-disc set is a 14-page booklet containing song titles/credits, song lyrics, artwork pertaining to the story (by famed fantasy artist Ken Kelly), and thank you’s. Recorded at The Pass Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Label – Columbia Records / Sony.

    COMMENTS: After listening to Coheed & Cambria’s 1st three albums… and then hearing this “Part IV – Vol. 2 – No World For Tomorrow”… it somehow just all fell together for me. Coheed & Cambria’s 1st album – “The Second Stage Turbine Blade ” (2002) was an odd listen. The music was incredibly intriguing for a debut. However, the vocals were the biggest obstacle for me to overcome. Five years and three complete albums later, I couldn’t picture their music without the high-pitched creator and band leader Sanchez. The DVD lets you in on the mind of Sanchez – for the most part he’s introverted and keeps to himself and his close-knit group of friends. And, that his music is a way for him to branch out and bring his innermost thoughts and fantasies to life. “No World For Tomorrow” is the 4th installment of Sanchez’s sci-fi dream about the Amory Wars (want the full story – check out the series of comic books written by Sanchez and published by Evil Ink Comics). I’ve read that “The Running Free” is the first single to be released (a cool song with some great guitar work, minus the chipmunks gleeful background vocals with all the “ohs”). To date though, I am yet to hear any of this album on the radio. “No World For Tomorrow” starts off in mellow fashion. The gentle acoustic 1+ minute “The Reaping” sets the tone nicely for the title track (listen for the thunder in the background). Track 2 – the song “No World For Tomorrow” is my favorite on the disc (describing how the world is falling apart and there is great change coming). The melody is heavy – in my opinion, the heaviest and darkest thematically on the album. Other highlights include “Feathers” (an upbeat happier tune with some great rhythm guitars and a ripping solo); my 2nd favorite song on the disc – the intricate “Mother Superior” – with it’s acoustic opening, rocking middle, and big ending (complete with orchestra strings); the rocking “Gravemakers & Gunslingers” with its fast pace and heavy guitars (“Go on and pull that trigger!”); as well as the entire 5-part “The End Complete” (tracks 8-13… the highlight being the album closer “On The Brink” – glorious guitars and bluesy undertone with an ending reminiscent of the prior album’s last track, “The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut”). There is absolutely no filler on this album. I love the disc in its entirety. Out of the four Coheed albums to date, this “No World For Tomorrow” is my new favorite. In my opinion, it’s more rock than progressive in tone. The band is extremely tight (showing maturity on their respective instruments) and the guitars are once again the show-piece of the band. Beware of the single disc purchase and the lack-there-of case and liner notes… go for the 2-disc set – it’s worth it (5 stars).

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now