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No World for Tomorrow (Deluxe)

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  • The anticipation of the release of this album for me was through the roof. And it never has disappointed me.

    There are very few albums out there that I can listen to completely through, in their entirety, without skipping. This is one of those albums.

    The first track, “The Reaping”, provides a buildup to the album that gets me extremely pumped. It’s like you’re standing on the edge of doom and death and you’re saying your last words. I’m serious, hear me out!

    Then “No World for Tomorrow” kicks in and you are head-first into my favorite song of all time. The guitar riffs are really infectious and the song’s pace is fast and really rockin’. This song is probably the best on the album, in my opinion at least. I find myself driving and almost pumping my fist in the air at the part “Raise your hands high!” (Alright, I admit it, I have…more than a few times.)

    The next track, “The Hound of Blood and Rank” has kind of a 90’s alternative rock feel. The “Come on, come on, come on” kind of sounds like that Collective Soul song, but it’s still awesome in its own right.

    The 4th track and I think the latest single off the album “Feathers” is something I almost can’t explain. You will get this song stuck in your head and you will sing along to it even when you don’t mean to. (Also totally unrelated, but you should check out the music video for it-Claudio is a huge horror movie buff and the video is great.)

    The “Running Free” comes next, which is a quick paced song that once again, you’re going to sing along to and do the “whoa oh oh oh oh ohhhhh oh oh” (I tried) all day long. I brought this song to one of my spinning classes and the instructor LOVES it and plays it all the time. It’s just really, really catchy and fun. This was the first single for the album, and with good reason.

    “Mother Superior” is the ballad on this album, and it’s heavy enough to not be wimpy, yet melodic enough to make you get little goosebumps. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like the way he pronounces the word “baby”, it kind of sounds like “boiby” but whatever, it still sounds great.

    The next song is called “Gravemakers and Gunslingers” and it just rocks. This song is heavy and fast paced. I love that he compares being in love to shooting a gun. “Pull that trigger!”

    After that song, it seems to slow down a bit, there’s a little instrumental segment and then there’s the song “Justice in Murder”, followed by “The End Complete” series. The last song of the End Complete series we hear Claudio sounding slightly more raspy than his usual upper octave voice, but still great none-the-less.

    Overall, this album is filled with greats. As I was writing I found myself unable to decide which was my true favorite. If you’re a fan of Coheed and Cambria, you probably already own this, and I’m hoping you’ll agree that this is a great finale to the series (unless you’re counting the prequel as the true finale).

    If you’re not a fan, but enjoy some good rock n’ roll mixed in with some modern rock and I guess a little emo for lack of a better word, check them out!

    Posted on March 1, 2010