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No World For Tomorrow

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  • Once again this band has created a timeless rock masterpiece. For me, trying to choose a favorite Coheed album is futile. This band progresses with their sound, mixes influential sounds of their favorite bands into the music, yet still manages to sound distinctly Coheed and Cambria.
    This album is full of the typical catchy C&C riffs and choruses but also incorporates different styles not yet explored on previous albums. Claudio has a lot more variance in his vocal performance than on any other album and I think he has improved vocally. The previous ‘Good Apollo’ album bears the most resemblence but ‘No World’ is overall a more upbeat sound – having shorter simpler song arrangements without lacking any of the wonderfully weird and complex Coheed sound. Any fan of the band should be satisfied with this latest offering – if not blown away by it.

    RECOMMENDATION: If you care about the packaging then make sure to purchase the deluxe edition. This edition is just the CD in a sleeve with no lyrics. The extra money may be worth it for the lyrics, the artwork, and the DVD.

    Posted on November 30, 2009