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  • Some of the New Orleans based band members of Pantera, Crowbar, C.O.C and Eyehategod have blended to produce one of the most satisfying records ever. This album is incredible. They toned themselves down to a rock disc that has every song a favorite. Phil Anselmo sings with his incredible voice on this disc(screams to though which is good). They go from a banger like Temptations Wings to a slow great mood song like Jail. The best part of this record is the thought inspiring and personal lyrics actually sang amazingly well by the screaming metal vulgar king Anselmo. Like they have been saying there is a Southern sound in there thats hard to explain. A must have, unbelievable record, buy it. No way will you be dissapointed. Best part is there is a new one supossedly very soon. Classic disk.

    Posted on February 1, 2010