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  • After a lengthy wait, this excellent disc is finally getting the reissue it has needed and deserved for so long. This album shows the progression Rotting Christ’s sound from the low-fi, speedy thrash of “Thy Mighty Contract” to the epic mid-paced monsters of “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers”. However, even if the group’s style was transitioning, this album stands on its own as one of their best releases. It’s full of speedy, blast-beat driven passages, epic breakdowns, and mid-paced mayhem. Sakis’ vocals sound a bit “echo-ey” on this album, but his distinctive style is unperturbed. The high points for me were “The Fifth Illusion”, “Where Mortals Have No Pride” and “Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son”. Although it’s primarily guitar-driven, there are quite a few keyborads on this album, heralding the band’s evolution into one of the best atmospheric black metal bands of all time. The keyborads never threaten to overwhelm the other instruments, and add some great ambience. If you’re a fan of Rotting Christ, or just black metal in general and you don’t have this disc, you won’t regret it if you pick it up. This is a great reminder of just how far the band has come while still maintaining a connection to their roots, and stands alone as a true extreme metal masterpiece.

    Posted on December 3, 2009