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Non Serviam

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  • This album has been on continual rotation for the last two years and I can’t say a thing against it except that I wish that I’d found it sooner. The melodies, the riffs, the lyrics…man this album is too good for words. “Reality of a dark age” and “non serviam” were the two stand out tracks for me because they are the ones that I still remember almost note for note and the ones that initially had caught my attention. Don’t think that the others are filler though because they aren’t.
    It has elements from all genres of metal and the growl vocals are understandable which adds something as well. The solos and melodies are great and it’s nice to hear them in a “Black Metal” album, Dark Fortress blew me away on their “Profane Genocidal Creations” album using melodic elements that showed a certain level of technicality, but also never weakened or distracted from the music itself which remains killer and intense. The keyboards in this album are subtle and mainly provide a bit of atmosphere, never taking center stage. This album just has something for every headbanger out there and is addictively good. You will be playing it in your head for years, trust me on that one. My only debate is that it’s not really black metal in the true sense, but more of a thrash/death hybrid of the best kind (God Damn I hate labeling stuff). Oh well, it kicks @ss, so pick it up and never be disappoointed.I guess if I had to draw comparisons it would be to very early Metallica, perhaps Bathory for the raw thrash feel,and great death metal such as Death.

    Posted on December 3, 2009