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Nordland II

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  • As its title implies, this ablum is the follow-up to the Nordland I album by Viking-Metal entrepreneur Bathory.

    The ablum begins with an instrumental track that sets the mood for the Viking theme. The songs on this release are some of the finest I have ever heard from Bathory, there is not a sinle one that I do not enjoy. They are played in a thrash-influenced style similar to the songs on Nordland I. Keyboards and choirs are used often on the album, but not so much that they overshadow the guitar riffs (which is good). The album concludes with Bathory’s trademark outro found on many of their other releases.

    If you are a fan of Viking-themed heavy metal, I would highly recommend this album. “Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son” is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Viking-Metal tracks of all time. If you have enjoyed any of Bathory’s previous albums, do youself a favor and purchase this.
    Although this is a sequel to Nordland I, this album is still a terrific experience on its own.

    Everything great about the previous Bathory albums (especially Nordland I) can be found on this release.

    Posted on February 21, 2010