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  • Intolerant metal fans will no doubt slag this double CD for its keyboards and overall melody that metal bands simply aren’t doing these days. Their loss.
    We must remember that Glenn Tipton released a fine solo effort with John Entwhistle and Cozy Powell a few years back that was more melodic than Priest material was. These guys have been around too long to be expected to just repeat themselves over and over. With the experience and musicianship present, “Nostradamus” gives us a metal CD that offers the best vocalist in the genre ever, Rob Halford, instead of the extremely annoying grunt metal that permeates everything else. One hopes that this CD will be a hit, and will maybe encourage metal outfits out there to not be afraid to actually sing a little bit.
    There’s plenty of signature lead work and slicing guitars, but also lots of keyboards, which are necessary for the subject matter and add color and dimension to the music. Lyrically, it’s basically a history of the great prophet, which one can take or leave, but overall I find it refreshing to see these metal godfathers stretch their wings whether some lunkhead likes it or not.

    Posted on December 14, 2009