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  • First off..I’m a Judas Priest fan since 1978 when I first heard Stained Class, now 30 years later I’m still a “Defender of the Faith”, Priest have a produced a “Masterpiece”..I know some of you will argue this till the cows come home, but this is the kinda album I have been waiting for. It’s alike a journey back to the early 70’s with Sad Wings of Destiny, Rocka Rolla, Sin after Sin and so forth. There’s no 4 chord “Hits” on this cd, Priest have really worked hard on making “Progressive” music on this album. If you want Painkiller, or British Steel then go put those albums on, because what you have here is a journey of Light and Dark Themes, some Agressive some very melodic and soft. Rob Halford has given you the perfomance of his life on this album, some beautiful compositions on this really make his voice shine. So if your into the more Symphonic, Progressive, Melodic Rock and Metal this will be to your liking. If you into the more Heavy Jugulator & Painkiller type then you’ll be dissappointed…again I love Priest and I’m happy they did something different instead of the same old “Formula”.
    Highlights are:
    Calm before the Storm
    Sands of Time
    lost love

    Posted on December 14, 2009