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  • It was obvious from the beginning that some people would love this CD and others would hate it. Hardcore fans who want little else than a regurgitation of Painkiller will be severely disappointed. Those who are able to open their minds and explore a new world of Priest will find this CD to be an absolutely amazing journey. This piece of work displays a depth that most bands never reach.

    There is no one formula or sound that makes this album. It is a combination of musical styles that requires you to listen to this album multiple times to actually “get it.” This is precisely why some people will never “get it.” Sadly they are missing out on one of the most amazing concept albums ever written. There are no instant radio hits here.

    When you do take the time to be absorbed into the world of Nostradamus, you find layers of music rather than just a catchy guitar riff. With Nostradamus, Priest are again pioneers, blending heavy metal with operatic verses and orchestral accompaniments. If for no other reason, this CD is worth purchasing just to hear Rob Halford sing in Italian on “Pestilence and Plague.” Halford shows that he is not just The Metal God, unleashing screams that will shatter glass and fragile ear drums, but that he is also a vocalist who SINGS with far more energy and talent than any pop tart that Fox Television tries to make into an “idol.” This is not bubble-gum rock boys and girls. This is not pretty. This is not the 4 minute hit single they play on MTV with a bunch of screaming kids who don’t even know what they are screaming at. This is Judas Priest. This is Rock & Roll. This is Heavy Metal. But this time, it’s done with finesse that’s usually reserved for much different musical genres. Congratulations to Judas Priest for taking the chance, and for doing it exceptionally well. There’s a reason why this band is selling out arenas almost 35 years after their inception.

    My final advice to anyone looking to purchase this CD. Do it! But you need to put in the time with this album to appreciate it. Priest took over two years to write and record this album. Listen to it in full- from beginning to end. Then do it again. And again. You need to immerse yourself into the world they created to truly appreciate it. If you put in the time, you will reap the rewards that this masterpiece has to offer.

    All hail to the Call of The Priest and bow before The Metal Gods!

    Posted on December 14, 2009