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He may be vying for the title of the world’s oldest teenager, but mop-topped, Hawaiian-shirt-bedecked Sammy Hagar wears it well. Solo sailing has been successful for the former Van Halen and Montrose singer. And proving that age hasn’t mellowed him, Hagar boldly entreats his faithful fans to ”Stand up and shout!” on the booming, bluesy, Led Zeppelin-influenced opener. On ”Stand Up,” psychedelic guitar tones and Hagar’s pleasingly piercing vocals may be a bit timeworn, but they’re also timeless. From the retro organ flourishes on ”Hallelujah” to the power ballad ”Halfway to Memphis” to the Black Crowes-like ”The Big Nail,” Not 4 Sale mines time-honored blues-rock without bringing much new to the plate. Hagar’s Zeppelin influences are made all the more clear via ”Whole Lotta Zep.” And while he’s no Plant, the buoyant lyrics to the bouncy pop of the title track indicate that being Sammy is a good place to be. –Katherine Turman

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  • I was tempted to rate this as my second favorite post Van Halen album after Marching To Mars but the more I listen to it the more I like it. I’m going to move this to the top of my list. It’s bluesy and it rocks. Sammy still has a great voice and the energy reminds me of his older albums. His backing band the Waboritas rock hard and sound good.

    The songs are full of hooks and are really catchy. While I can’t pick one I don’t like I think some of the better ones are “Things’ve Changed”, “The Big Nail”, “Not For Sale” and “The Big Square Inch”. These are my favorites but I like everything so much it’s futile to point out any one song over another. I haven’t liked so many songs from one album in a long while. Maybe part of that is the lean length of the album. I think it’s refreshing to have a CD that isn’t 20 songs with only ten that are any good.

    I enjoy the lyrics, most are the usual mix of socially conscience message songs and his laid back aging hippy shtick. There always seems to be a song about Karma on his albums. If I have one complaint with Sammy’s lyrics it’s his tendancy to rhyme a word with itself but that’s a small gripe.

    If you like Sammy Hagar or used to like him or just think you might I would recommend this as the album to get first.

    Posted on November 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Track list: 1. Stand Up; 2. Hallelujah; 3. Halfway to Memphis; 4. Things’ve Changed; 5. Whole Lotta Zep; 6. The Big Nail; 7. Make it Alright; 8. Not 4 Sale; 9. The Big Square Inch; 10. Karma Wheel”Not 4 Sale” is an extremely upbeat, solid rocker; it’s probably the best track on this cd. “Things’ve Changed” is a pretty good ballad, as is “Halfway to Memphis.” “Whole Lotta Zep” might be palatable if you like Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and “Kashmir”–this song mixes both of those Zep tunes. “Hallelujah” is okay; I like the refrain, but it’s just not quite there as a whole.The album is pretty good–don’t get me wrong. The problem is that there are only ten songs, a mere 42 minutes of music. The liner notes are very brief–they include four full-page pictures of equipment that’s not for sale, one page with the band dressed up as store mannequins, and one page with lots of words–small type, hard to read. Sammy does leave a message here for us, but umm . . . Sammy, please, on your next album, make the print a little bigger and include the lyrics and maybe add in a few anecdotes about the tunes on your next album. As a whole, the songs (the most important aspect of this cd, obviously) are pretty good, and there really are no songs that you’ll immediately fast forward through; all tunes are listenable. If you’re looking for other good tracks to sample, I suggest getting ahold of “Marching to Mars” for the songs “Little White Lies,” “Both Sides Now” and the title track. Standouts on “Ten 13″ are “Let Sally Drive,” “Deeper Kinda Love,” and “Tropic of Capricorn.” Look for “Mas Tequila,” “Red Voodoo” and “Lay Your Hand On Me” on the “Red Voodoo” album. On his older albums, good lesser-known songs include “Red,” “Bad Reputation,” “Plain Jane,” “You Make Me Crazy” and “Give to Live.” Add in Sammy’s classics (I don’t need to mention them here), and you’ve got some great tunes and great times!!! Please give a couple of these tunes a try! Good listening!

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Sammy is showing no signs of stopping at all. Not 4 Sale is, without a doubt, his strongest effort, not only since leaving Van Halen, but possibly ever. It’s straight forward rock and roll. There are no “keyboard driven” tunes (in the style of Right Now, Not Enough, or The Message) but the keys are used brilliantly to support the track list. Best use of bass on a Hager recording in a while, and some outstanding guitarwork. The backing vocals are outstanding as well.This CD has a very “down the earth” feel, with a heavy vibe. Stand Up kicks things off with the high energy bang we’ve come to know from Hagar, and Hallelujah continues that fever with a semi-sad song about hollow victories, Halfway to Memphis is an instant classic, and could be a closer on the live shows. Things’ve changed starts slow (sounds way too much like Night Moves) but quickly recovers with it’s own sound, and a great message about striving to continue in a world of changes. Whole Lotta Zep is good, but my least favorite. It’s not that it’s a bad tribute, but I’d rather have another original. The Big Nail is incredible. A rocker with a southern, grass roots twang, that blows away his techno experiment with Serious Ju Ju (he needs to do more of these!). Make It All Right is a high energy feel good song that will have people on their feet, and Not for Sale is a tribute to doing what you want, not because you need the money, but because you enjoy doing it…he can’t be “bought” he’s…well…not for sale. The Big Square inch is a strong, fast paced, rocker and Karma Wheel is simply a powerful, powerful song that really showcases the power of Hagars voice, and his intensity.Not a bad song on here. Good from start to finish. I will say that Sam needs Van Halen (but so to do they need Sam), but if you are a Sammy fan, this is a must have. If your a rock fan, you’ll really enjoy it.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 7 years since Sammy has left Van Halen. In that time period, Sammy has released a number of albums, DVD’s and thrown parties around the world, while the Van Halen Bros. are still sitting on their tails.This by far is one of the most reflective of his albums, combining a variety of music that is blues, rock, alternative and the like. People that like his Marching to Mars and 10/13 albums will dig Stand Up, Make It Alright and The Big Nail, while other who love his Eagles Fly and Give to Live type of songs will enjoy other such as Halfway to Memphis and Things’ve Changed.For any Sammy fan this is a definite must buy album, and although there are no Top 40 type of hits on here, Sammy shows that he still has the musical talent to keep making records and people continue to buy. Sammy has become what can be known as Rock and Roll’s Jimmy Buffett, as it’s obvious he does this all solely for the love of the music and his fans.I also recommend his DVD, Long Road to Cabo, as it gives insight into Sammy as a person, a musician, and as a family man. Although some of us will never get to meet someone of his stature, it makes us feel as welcome as if we are in his living room drinking Waborita’s on his couch.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Only two years and non-stop touring after releasing “TEN 13,” Sammy and his Waboritas have found the time to record and release another “stand up” record without really trying to put out a new record. I’ve only had it now for two days now and I think it rivals 1999’s release “RED VOODOO.” “NOT 4 SALE” flat out rocks! Period! Many great songs on this release including the CD opening tracks “Stand Up” and “Halleluiah”. I think the song that really stands out is “Halfway to Memphis.” This is a Dreams/Right Now/Give to Live type song w/ a little more edge in the guitar solo. Sammy’s voice really sings on this song andalso on “Karma Wheel.” Other songs that stand out to me thus far is the title track “Not 4 Sale”, “Things’ve Changed” and the almost Led Zep cover – “Whole Lotta Zep.” The bottom line on this CD is it rocks, it rolls and it is a must for anybody who likes solid rock music. It’s obvious that the Waboritas are a top notch band that doesn’t get enough credit, especially Vic Johnson, Sammy’s lead guitarist. Enjoy, Red Heads Rule!

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now