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Not 4 Sale

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  • Sammy is showing no signs of stopping at all. Not 4 Sale is, without a doubt, his strongest effort, not only since leaving Van Halen, but possibly ever. It’s straight forward rock and roll. There are no “keyboard driven” tunes (in the style of Right Now, Not Enough, or The Message) but the keys are used brilliantly to support the track list. Best use of bass on a Hager recording in a while, and some outstanding guitarwork. The backing vocals are outstanding as well.This CD has a very “down the earth” feel, with a heavy vibe. Stand Up kicks things off with the high energy bang we’ve come to know from Hagar, and Hallelujah continues that fever with a semi-sad song about hollow victories, Halfway to Memphis is an instant classic, and could be a closer on the live shows. Things’ve changed starts slow (sounds way too much like Night Moves) but quickly recovers with it’s own sound, and a great message about striving to continue in a world of changes. Whole Lotta Zep is good, but my least favorite. It’s not that it’s a bad tribute, but I’d rather have another original. The Big Nail is incredible. A rocker with a southern, grass roots twang, that blows away his techno experiment with Serious Ju Ju (he needs to do more of these!). Make It All Right is a high energy feel good song that will have people on their feet, and Not for Sale is a tribute to doing what you want, not because you need the money, but because you enjoy doing it…he can’t be “bought” he’s…well…not for sale. The Big Square inch is a strong, fast paced, rocker and Karma Wheel is simply a powerful, powerful song that really showcases the power of Hagars voice, and his intensity.Not a bad song on here. Good from start to finish. I will say that Sam needs Van Halen (but so to do they need Sam), but if you are a Sammy fan, this is a must have. If your a rock fan, you’ll really enjoy it.

    Posted on November 23, 2009