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  • Track list: 1. Stand Up; 2. Hallelujah; 3. Halfway to Memphis; 4. Things’ve Changed; 5. Whole Lotta Zep; 6. The Big Nail; 7. Make it Alright; 8. Not 4 Sale; 9. The Big Square Inch; 10. Karma Wheel”Not 4 Sale” is an extremely upbeat, solid rocker; it’s probably the best track on this cd. “Things’ve Changed” is a pretty good ballad, as is “Halfway to Memphis.” “Whole Lotta Zep” might be palatable if you like Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and “Kashmir”–this song mixes both of those Zep tunes. “Hallelujah” is okay; I like the refrain, but it’s just not quite there as a whole.The album is pretty good–don’t get me wrong. The problem is that there are only ten songs, a mere 42 minutes of music. The liner notes are very brief–they include four full-page pictures of equipment that’s not for sale, one page with the band dressed up as store mannequins, and one page with lots of words–small type, hard to read. Sammy does leave a message here for us, but umm . . . Sammy, please, on your next album, make the print a little bigger and include the lyrics and maybe add in a few anecdotes about the tunes on your next album. As a whole, the songs (the most important aspect of this cd, obviously) are pretty good, and there really are no songs that you’ll immediately fast forward through; all tunes are listenable. If you’re looking for other good tracks to sample, I suggest getting ahold of “Marching to Mars” for the songs “Little White Lies,” “Both Sides Now” and the title track. Standouts on “Ten 13″ are “Let Sally Drive,” “Deeper Kinda Love,” and “Tropic of Capricorn.” Look for “Mas Tequila,” “Red Voodoo” and “Lay Your Hand On Me” on the “Red Voodoo” album. On his older albums, good lesser-known songs include “Red,” “Bad Reputation,” “Plain Jane,” “You Make Me Crazy” and “Give to Live.” Add in Sammy’s classics (I don’t need to mention them here), and you’ve got some great tunes and great times!!! Please give a couple of these tunes a try! Good listening!

    Posted on November 23, 2009