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  • Okay, this IS my very first Meshuggah CD, so keep that in mind as you read this review. I am blown away by this band. Hearing this CD has become a LISTENING EXPERIENCE for me. 4 days and 12 plays since my purchase, this is the best metal I’ve heard in YEARS. I’m looking forward to more Meshuggah CD’s in the future, but as far as this release of Nothing goes, here are some highlights for me:

    1) The most obvious thing is experiencing the deepest and heaviest rhythm guitar sounds I’ve ever heard. The bottom end is so intense, I had to stretch my hearing a bit. 8-string guitars??? HELL yeah!

    2) Very tasteful guitar solos. I’m a guitar player, and a big fan of Allan Holdsworth’s playing. His influence on Fredrik’s leads is apparent here. Very warm tone, with an unusually wise note choice. I’m particularly impressed with how well the leads compliment the ultra-low-end doom-crunch.

    3) Great musicianship. The overall feel of Meshuggah is a very organic thing. Not really machine-like, like some metal bands I’ve heard. The odd-meter and jumpy rhythmic accents in the songs really show their skill as a BAND. These guys are extremely tight.

    4) Solid, consistent metal vocals throughout the album with thought-provoking lyrics.

    I’m having a blast discovering Meshuggah. I’d particularly recommend this album to metal guitarists, and to any music fan who is open to something extreme and sophisticated. Good stuff.

    Posted on February 5, 2010