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  • I have been a fan of Meshuggah since the Contridictions Collapse and None era. And with every album they release I am always amazed. I loved the first release of Nothing, and the remake to me is better in so many ways.
    Jens Kidman opted for the Catch 33 style of voice and the 8-string guitars make a huge difference rather than the low tuning of the 7-string in the previous.
    They also opted for the Drum Kit From Hell programming which was also introduced on Catch-33. Rumor has it that the reason they remade this album was to give it the punch the 8-string guitars deliver. The original Nothing was the album to introduce the 8-string guitars but due to the reason of the guitars held up in manufacturing and label deadlines the original was recorded with low tuned 7-string guitars.

    Posted on February 5, 2010