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  • The band’s fifth CD,and probably one of their best.Top rate progressive thrash(is there actually SUCH a genre?)Okay,how about maybe ‘technical thrash’?That may be more like it.I haven’t heard this disc in ages.It’s GREAT!Best two tracks are “The Unknown Knows” and their Pink Floyd cover “Astronomy Domine”.Unreal!Also about every other tune here rips,like “X-Ray Mirror”,”Inner Combustion”,”Pre-Ignition” and the wailing “Into My Hypercube”.Good thing this is on CD,otherwise,I would’ve worn out like maybe two vinyl copies by now.Line-up:Denis Belanger-vocals,Denis D’Amour-guitar,Michel Langevin-drums and Jean-Yves Theriault-bass.I saw Voivod on this very tour with Soundgarden.One of the BEST club gigs I have ever encountered.Highly recommended.Might appeal to fans of Soundgarden,Coroner,Death Angel,Celtic Frost and Venom.

    Posted on February 17, 2010