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  • Now it may say 4 stars which is great but I have alot of problems with this cd, I have been a die hard fan since 1999 and From 94-02 they released nothing but beautiful metal (no NOT black metal) then Damnation and A Day came out, and the story behind DAAD was great and Dani told it very well, to bad the actual music just wasn’t up to par with it. Then a few months prior to the release of Nymphetamine, Dani Filth said the next cof album would sound like DAAD meets Cruelty and The Beast. Being that Cruelty and The Beast is one of my favorite COF records, I had early high hopes. The day the album came out I bought it and listened to it one time through, I had early mixed feelings and a sense the album had Zero direction. It just seemed to have less emotion then on earlier cof work. I despise the new guitarist James wish they would bring Gian back he is in a completly different league then James. Hell most of the riffs sound like recycled riffs taken from other cof songs. The lyrics aren’t as good neither are Dani’s vocals he used to have balls when it came to his vocals. There is nothing ballsy about this record period. It is a good album though and still the best of the year, thats how good cof is. Now onto the single Nymphetamine Fix. It finishes what Mannequin started. Getting all the nu-metal kids into cof, its pathetic you can always tell when you are reading a review from a new cof fan because he jsut goes on about how great the songs are here, but has no comparrision, or analogy of it. I mean one reviewer said “All metal bands have some satanic element” Yeah well what about christian metal bands lke Zao and Norma Jean? THink before you speak kid. Another one bashes “True black metal fans” by not liking this. I can’t say this enough, well COF is nor has really ever been BM so really stop the comparrision of melodic gothic BM crap. If this cd was released by any other band I would have thought it great but I exspect more from my favorite band. The only person from COF to do well on this record is Adrian, I personal liked him more then Nicolas and I am glad to see he is still around. While Paul is an incredible guitarist he is held back by James way to much. The keyboards lack on this cd not because I feel they needed to be played more its just the time where the keyboards would kick in at the wrong time and lose any atmoshpere in the song. I mean look at songs like “Swansong For A Raven” the intro is beautiful the rest garbage, I mean this is the sequal song to “Her Ghost In The Fog” you need to be on your A game for that not just tossing together whatever garbage B-side riffs and lyrics you have somewhere around the studio. The only song that really showed some originality was “Coffin Fodder” and “Filthy Little Secret” the riffs show atleast some originality I also like the way how filthy little secret calmly and smoothly rides over into Swansong For a Raven (One of the fewe things I like about Swansong), “Gilded C*nt” is also decent but I mean prior to this release they made that song sound like it was the begin all end all of Metal.When in all honestly it is no where close. Yet, your average nu-metal fan will lvoe it for having a curse word in the name! I mean look at your average cof fan these past two years, cof is losing alot of credability not just by the lack of genius in there music since 03 but the fact, that every dumbass calling “Every metal band satanic” listening to it. Maybe it was because COF signed to there first major label in 03. I honestly don’t know.I just really hope they don’t continue this path because if they do in 5 years they will be washed up. This is not classic COF in any way or form, that is not an opinion that is a fact. I mean listen to Dusk and Her Embrace then this. Then I am sure you will have the same opinion. Then again no COF release is EVER the same, thats why I do have hope for COF in the future.

    Posted on March 6, 2010