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O God, The Aftermath

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  • I, like most Norma Jean fans, had a few concerns about this album with a few changes in the bands line up especially the lead singer I was worried the band would lose that special something they had when they first started out as Luti Kriss. Happy to report that this album is a worthy follow up to “Bless the martyr”. The new lead singer does a great job of keeping with the “norma jean” sound instead of mucking it up.

    How does one follow up such a brilliant epic as “Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child”? Well for starter’s they don’t try to repeat what made that album so great so the new songs feel fresh, energized and sound damn right incredible at times. There are one or two tracks near the end that unfortunately sound a little predictable and they slow down the pace of the record with the typical redundant hard core sound you hear all over the place. This may have been them just being a little too complacement and I think they should have pushed those songs further. It’s not perfect but what is these days? It’s still heavy and sounds absolutely insane from one moment to the next and there is plenty of what us Norma Jean fans have come to expect.

    There are some really good riffs and melodic break downs it’s nice that they don’t give into the trend of having melodic melodies on top of a mixture of screaming and singing. This is all heavy and any soft moments are down right creepy and that should keep the tweens far away from this scene. They have abandoned the repeating drone they did on Martyr so there is less repetition and this makes the songs a bit more tighter.

    Love the new singer, love the evolution of their sound, and I love this new album. I was not dissapointed and I give them alot of credit for moving past the hype and giving us something worth listening too. I don’t hand out 4 stars to just any album but this is a 4 star record, no doubt about it.

    Posted on January 20, 2010