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O God, The Aftermath

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  • The first time I listened to this album I almost threw it out because it was so DIFFERENT from Kiss the Martyr. I didnt listen to it for awhile, but eventually I started to listen to it and I noticed how good it really it really was. I think people who buy it should listen to it fully through the first time. Every song is amazing on this cd its just different. The guitar riffs are still amazing just in a different way than Kiss the Martyr…Whoever said this album is garbage should take a close listen. Yes the new singer is nowhere as good as Josh was, he really doesnt have any range but he is still good without it. The music matters more to me than the singer tho and the music is amazing but it differs from Bless the Martyr because it is much more repetitive, but Ive learned to like repetitive music much like A Life Once Lost. All in All an amazing album you just gotta break it in.

    Posted on January 20, 2010