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Oath Bound

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  • In general, I like all Summoning albums. But so far, I would consider this and Dol Guldur the best of them all. In general, the style is a continuance of the same thing as the two previous albums, but somehow it seems they finally got the execution right. It’s not as over the top as the previous two, which were almost bordering on movie soundtracks at certain points.

    There are a lot of reviews on this album which consider a shift in style between the albums before Stronghold and since Stronghold, and that people that like one style do tend to not like the other. Pre-Stronghold albums seem to be more rooted in black metal, and Stronghold and Immortal Heroes seem to be more commercially accessible. This album seems to have good aspects from both of those styles fused into one album. It looks like they are converging on synthesis of both styles after having experimented with them in the past albums, and here we see the result of that.

    So overall, if you like Summoning’s past albums, you should enjoy this one as well. Likewise, if you are new to Summoning, this is a good album to learn what they sound like and what they are capable of.

    Posted on December 10, 2009