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  • This Fear Factory CD may have been the one that made them more popular amongst the heavy metal world, but this is by no means a mainstream release. This CD is just amazing. I’ve had it for about 3 years now and it still hasn’t lost the power it had the first time I heard it and was blown away by the opener “Shock”. The thing about this CD is, tracks 1 through 10 (the regular songs) are almost like a story or a movie. The way one song goes into another perfectly and it all seems to tell one big story about machines and the end of mankind and that kind of thing. It’s like a movie. The inside of the booklet even narrates the CD like it is a movie. And the musicianship is awesome. It is still the signature FF style with the relentlessly heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and bass with the vocalist’s powerful growl mixed with his melodic singing which sounds evil as hell. And the bonus tracks are a must have. “Cars” was re-made wonderfully, “Where Evil Dwells” is evil and heavy and could’ve fit perfectly on Soul of a New Machine which is death metal and “Concreto” and “Soulwound” have almost all singing and they sound especially dark, and “Messiah” is another great heavy song. This CD is a must have for any FF fan or metal fan.

    Posted on March 3, 2010