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  • This…this is the kind of music that becomes hard to describe; Its very unique, very different, and very good. ISIS can sound incredibly heavy when they want to, and they can sound incredibly relaxing when they want to.

    If I had to compare them with other bands I’d say that they have the heaviness and vocals of MASTODON, the rippling bass lines and the sometimes peaceful atmosphere of TOOL, and…well the rest is pure ISIS.

    I grabbed this CD because I recently became very interested in this more alternative side of metal. Listening to bands like PELICAN and RED SPARROWES. None of these alternative bands are easy to listen to, ISIS being the only one of the 3 to have any vocals. It WILL take you many listens to truly enjoy this release. I’ve been listening to it for over a week and a half now and I still bump into times where my ears perk up, hearing something that wasn’t easily noticed upon previous listens.

    I do like the fact that ISIS actually have vocals in their music, because it makes their albums easier to digest and easier to tell where you are in a song, and you just get a generally better feel from the album when alls said and done. I also love the Lyrics and the way they are sung and written, although its not easy to hear any obvious words in Turner’s howling vocals unless you have the lyrics right in front of you. I think Turner has a better clean voice then yell, but I enjoy both of his singing styles. The vocals really remind me of Troy sander’s Vocal style; in that Some think they sound horrible and others think that they suit this type of music very well. Me being part of the latter group of course.

    If you are into more Alternative/Avant Garde/Progressive metal then you most likely will enjoy this CD. Although its really hard to say If you’ll enjoy it or not. Because it boils down to your willingness to listen to an album many times over, and how open-minded you are about music, composition, and song structure. (no chorus’s here)

    When I first listened to “Oceanic” I thought it felt very hollow and boring, with dull riffs and vocals. But upon closer inspection I realized just how amazing it is. The songs progression is really something to hear, as the songs get more intense and climatic near the end of the song almost like a story.(“Weight” in particular) And the more mellow parts are also outstanding; from the squeal of Marine Creatures in “-”, to the psychedelic guitar work of “Maritime”, to the soft passages between walls of sound in “The Beginning and the End”, to the relaxing bass lines in “The Other”. This CD is a true classic of alternative and progressive metal. And like any true classic, it needs time to grow on you.

    Personal “Unskipables”
    - False Light
    - The Beggining And The End
    - Maritime
    - Hym

    Posted on March 17, 2010