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  • This album was my first introduction to Isis. Coming out of a hardcore background, I expected this to be very fast and harsh. It wasn’t at all. It really is heavy, but definitly not harsh. There’s a passion in this music, but it’s not fueled by anger. There’s emotion, but it’s not something you hear often. Or hear at all. I was set back at first by the grunting. It’s just not my thing and usually I cannot stand monotone grunting vocals. That is what bothered me on this album. At first, but I was wrong. It’s not the average grunt here. It’s heavy, sure, but there’s real expression to be found in the vocals, playing on screaming out with emotion and throatsounds swallowing beautiful poetic words.When I got through that I discovered the beauty of this piece. This cannot be labeled as “hardcore” or “metal”. It’s beyond it and it reaches much further. If there would be any kind of comparison, I rather would compare it to the musical build ups and explorations found in post-rock like Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Don’t get me wrong, this is rock and Isis does not sound like the aforementioned bands at all, but they have just as ingenious intense build ups and moving in their music. Finding beauty in heaviness. The album is themed. You could picture someone abandoned on an uninhabited island, at one point even hearing the sea and sirens. But it’s not a predictable theme. This album keeps surprising the listener. After the melodic and gentle Maritime comes Weight in which the female vocals give you an idea of what heaven may sound like backed up by the most melodic and impressive guitar tunes you will hear in this kind of music. Whichever that is.This album is a must have for every hardcore, metal and music fan.

    Posted on March 17, 2010