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October Rust

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  • There is much debate over what the best Type O Negative album is. Most opinions center around the Heavy Gothic Rock of “Bloody Kisses”. Some prefer the neanderthal trashing of “Slow Deep & Hard”. My personal opinion, however, is that “October Rust” has been Type O Negative’s shining moment of glory. October Rust is by far the most eclectic, complex and sensual of Type O’s LP’s. The album twists and turns through a path of light and darkness unlike any other before (or after) it. The songs fall into either one of four categories: there are the heavy, dark, powerful ‘Black Sabbathesque’ like songs, such as “Burnt Flowers Fallen”, “In Praise of Bacchus”, “The Glorious Liberation…”, and “Wolf Moon”. Then there are the psychadelic, up-beat and funky songs such as “Be My Druidess”, “My Girlfriends Girlfriend”, and “Cinnamon Girl”. Next there are the ambient, spiritual, and beautifully melodic songs such as “Love You To Death”, “Green Man”, and “Die With Me”. Finally there are two hauntingly dark, depressing and morbid epics in the form of “Red Water (Christman Mourning)” and “Haunted”. All in all, “October Rust”, although slightly more commercial than Type O’s other recordings, is their best album. You can hear their hearts, emotions, souls and passions poured into the uplifting music. Experience the enchantment today.

    Posted on March 15, 2010