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October Rust

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  • Broke a stereotype today. Listened to gothic metal, nothing like what I imagined. Heard `Love You to Death’ by Type O Negative.Gothic music is very reflective of the people behind it, there is a very dark upset atmosphere surrounding it. It is sad to me that the people behind the music have `allowed’ the depression to be so dominant of their lives but it has allowed them to create what I currently feel is the most beautiful form of music as they express their uphappiness. It is dark, harsh, gothic and has a clear rough edge to it. It is certainly not neat tidy clean music. Music from the soul, but also dangerous music as it is very inflential in encouraging negative emotions.Although I don’t relate to the negativity of the group, I have never heard music so conveyant of emotion. I find it bizarre how so many love songs appear in the charts which are supposed to be beautiful and moving, but the image to me is fake starched and artifical. I know another one will appear next week sung by another pretty girl/boy in a clean neat voice. It sounds pretty, white and clean…is that a love song? Hearing Pete Steele sing in his dark sad deep emotion wracked voice to the heavy gothic metal tones of `Type O Negative’ brought a tear to my eye which no chart song could ever do.

    Posted on March 16, 2010